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Where installers come to get off their knees and salespeople to keep all the commission.

It is time to rethink traditional flooring businesses. We want to equip you with the tools to launch your own low-overhead, high-profit flooring company.

Are you an installer wanting to get off your knees? Click here to start the upward trajectory.

Are you a salesperson tired of giving up the lion's share of the commission? Click here to start the process of keeping it all!

Who is Erik Henry?

Erik Henry, passionate about guiding people to their God-destined lives, excels in answering "What's next?" after life's unexpected turns. A serial entrepreneur since age 10, he's founded multiple multi-million dollar firms without initial capital, emphasizing the use of God-given resources and faith. As CEO of I Training Ground, he empowers dream-chasers. An author, speaker, and leadership expert, Erik's also a certified trainer in various professional development programs. Married for over 20 years and a proud father, he believes in using unchanging kingdom principles to uncover solutions, inspiring others to maximize their resources for a dream-worthy future.

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